A Tribute to Alan Vaughan



Jeffrey Mishlove



Alan Vaughan, Ph.D., at age 64, died at peace in his Santa Monica home on Sunday, April 8th, 2001 at 7:15 a.m. after a long illness. Vaughan was an unusual man, known for both his intellect and his intuitive abilities. He openly celebrated the part of himself that was psychic. An excellent obituary of Vaughan, written by Stephan A. Schwartz, has been published in the June 2001 issue of the Journal of Parapsychology. This tribute seeks less to recap the remarkable events in Vaughan’s life than to share the human impact he had upon me as well as others who knew him. An additional contribution of the present tribute is its bibliography of publications by and about Alan Vaughan.

I first met Alan in 1973 at the annual convention of the Parapsychological Association in Charlottesville, Virginia. There he presented a number of papers of his original research. He was in the unique position of being both a respected psychic and a researcher, a noted author and the editor (at that time) of Psychic magazine.

Later, when he was invited by Arthur M. Young (inventor of the Bell helicopter) to teach a course on psychic development at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley (where I was then living), we became close friends and colleagues.

Alan stunned many in the field of parapsychology in 1968 when he wrote an urgent letter from Germany warning of the impending assassination of Robert F. Kennedy—just weeks before the actual event.

His unique abilities touched many people. Weston Agor, the founder of the Intuition Network, has written about how Alan predicted changes in Weston's own life that ultimately led to the founding of the Network. Physicist Fred Alan Wolf also had a reading from Alan at a seminal time in his life. It accurately forecast the exciting new directions that his career would take.

Alan actually created the nonprofit foundation now known as the Intuition Network. Originally, he called it the New Ways of Consciousness Foundation. In that sense, he deserves to be remembered as one of the founders of the Intuition Network, of which I am the director.

His books include several classics, especially Dream Telepathy, Patterns of Prophecy, and Incredible Coincidences. Alan coauthored the often-cited book Dream Telepathy with Stanley Krippner and Montague Ullman. He served as a successful psychic in the monumental research study they had conducted at Maimonides Medical Center of Brooklyn.

Another important contribution of Alan's was documented by researcher Gertrude R. Schmeidler and a graduate student (Schmeidler & Goldberg, 1974) who conducted a free-response ESP study with Alan and some of his students. They determined that the students seemed to be telepathically linked to Alan himself during the tests—so that they were able to correctly identify the targets that he also identified. And, when Alan missed the correct target or accurately described a different target, so did his students. This study offers some key insights into the relationship between student and teacher in the process of intuitive and psychic development.

He also achieved a significant breakthrough in his design of the Psychic Reward software package. He was able to demonstrate a method for reversing the "decline effect" that had haunted many parapsychology researchers. He also conducted numerous, well controlled studies showing that his Psychic Reward really did train ESP abilities. This was a singular accomplishment for which Alan will be remembered for decades to come.

I had the privilege of knowing Alan well during the last twenty-eight years. I was with him at the New Year's Eve party at which he met his second wife, Diane, and was later one of the two guests invited to attend their wedding. During his final illness, I visited him on several occasions—and always found him willing to share joyful memories, even in the midst of his physical pain and suffering. I can attest that Alan was consistently a gentle, sincere, and intelligent soul, a man whose life was unwaveringly devoted to the cause of intuition and parapsychology. I know I will always remember Alan with love, affection, and respect.

Many others have made strong statements attesting to the influence of Alan Vaughan on their lives. Some of these remarks follow.


I have always been touched by Alan Vaughan's stunning predictive accuracy. He goes above and beyond what the ego wants to hear and presents the true picture. For example, I was looking for a publisher for my first book and of course wanted to be contracted immediately. When Alan told me it would be three years I was totally dismayed. And then three years later, [I was] totally delighted when his prediction came to pass. The gift he has given me with his precise prophetic acumen has enabled me to shape my life in a more meaningful way.—Marcia Emery, Ph. D., author of The Intuitive Healer


In the 15 years I have known Alan Vaughan, I never cease to be amazed at his ability to see into the future. He has predicted world events and events in my personal life with such accuracy that it is as if he had a book in his hand and simply leafed forward a few pages and read what the future would bring. For years I have seen him predict the highs and lows of the stock market within a hundred points and predict the dates of those highs and lows within a week or so. His personal guidance in this area helped me to make over 100% on my investments last year. He is in a class of his own. As far as I am concerned, there is no one [who] can remotely compare with his ability.—Joe Brown, Entrepreneur


Alan Vaughan is one of the most accurate psychics with whom I have worked. For more than two decades in both basic and applied research, from remote viewing to healing, he has demonstrated a rarely seen consistency of successful effort.—Stephan A. Schwartz, President, Mobius Society


Not only was Alan an extremely talented sensitive, he was willing to put his talents on the line so that parapsychologists could learn more about the process by which telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition occurs. He even attempted to meet the Amazing Randi's challenge! His many friends will miss him, and we will all be indebted for the contributions he made to parapsychology as well as to our lives in and out of the laboratory.—Stanley Krippner


Alan was always the epitome of kindness and patience insofar as I observed his personal life. Likewise, he was the epitome of critical thinking and careful investigation in his professional life as a parapsychologist. As an editor, he wielded an ivory-handled nitpicker with skill and grace, with the result that my writing, whenever it was submitted to him, was invariably improved through the enjoyable interaction we had as an editor-author team. That relationship was once reversed when I, as editor of the Edgar D. Mitchell anthology Psychic Exploration: A Challenge For Science, invited Alan to contribute a chapter on the history of psychical research, but even that was an occasion for me to learn and grow by that interaction.—John White


I can personally attest to his influence, as I often re-read the classic book, Dream Telepathy, which he co-authored. His participation in dream telepathy research, and the striking examples of precognition and synchronicity in his book, Incredible Coincidences, gave me confidence to press on with my own precognitive investigations. Some of my spontaneous precognitions helped me keep one step ahead during my Stargate career.—Dale Graff, author of Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness


I would like to express the bright light Alan was when I worked with the Mobius Group. He was an incredible psychic and remote viewer, a kind and compassionate human being, and lots of fun. I intuitively feel Alan now very strongly after his passing. I honor the man he was and know that his spirit is soaring in a beautiful place. I will miss him.—Judith Orloff, M.D.


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